I don’t want to show these poems
to anyone, sometimes
I want to remain hidden, deep in the coals
with the one who pulls the stars
through a telescope’s glass, the one who listens
for the click of the lock, the one
who kisses softly a woman’s eyes.

-- Jay Leeming

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Jan 16, 2012
@ 5:15 pm

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feferi replied to your post: Homestuck is not a racially neutral narrative. I’m…

betty crocker wasn’t even a real person the idea that she could have adopted anyone is inherently ridiculous

What? She was obviously a real person in the narrative of Homestuck.

If you’re trying to argue that Homestuck is a fictional narrative and therefore events may occur that are not possible or probable in real life, well, then, first of all, you could actually say that. Second, we know from the Sassacre book, and possibly a few other things I’m not thinking of at the moment, that racism is definitely still a thing in the Homestuck universe. And even if we didn’t, I still don’t think “Nanna and/or Hass were PoC who enjoyed a promiment place in society as potential heirs to a baking empire in the 1910 and 1920s and somehow this was so little of an issue that Nanna never mentioned it ever” is an equally natural conclusion to make, even by way of “wacky fictional universe! no racism! whoo!” I am aware that weird shit happens in Homestuck, but you can’t create a situation where making one assumption (white Nanna and Hass) requires no additional explaining at all while making another assumption (nonwhite Nanna and Hass) requires some level of, at the very least, mumblemumbleweirdshit handwaving, and claim that’s a neutral narrative. It just doesn’t work like that.

I generally read John and Jade (and by extension, Jake and Jane) as Asian, but to do so requires accepting some level of disconnect. It’s swimming upstream.

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  3. oliviacoy said: im not disagreeing with your general argument, im just pointing in this universe we know betty crocker is a gray skinned fish alien with tentacle hair(which IS brought up by nanna) and in the real world she’s not a person at all.